8 Days Shira Route Mount Kilimanjaro

Day 1: Moshi / Shira hut Leave hotel after breakfast for 8 Days Shira Route Mount Kilimanjaro to shira gate, all the way driving. After we finish with the park gate, start hiking to shira plateau for 4hrs, dinner and over night in the camp.[3000m] Day 2: Shira plateau / Shira hut Early hike will start after [...]

6 Days Rongai Route Mount Kilimanjaro

Day 1 Today we start your 6 Days Rongai Route Mount Kilimanjaro with transfer to the start of the Rongai route, close to the Kenyan border, where we begin the ascent of Kilimanjaro. The first night will be camping at the first cave. Day 2 The climbing today is a gradual ascent and we get great views [...]

6 Days Umbwe Route Mount Kilimanjaro

Day 1 Arusha / Umbwe At 7:30 a.m., you will start your 6 Days Umbwe Route Mount Kilimanjaro. We will transfer you to the Umbwe Park Gate at 2,100m. The path begins an a narrow ridge crest between the Lonzo River to the West and the Umbwe River to the East. It is easy to follow [...]

7 Days Lemosho Route Mount Kilimanjaro : : East Africa Tours and Safaris

Day 1 On this day you start your 7 Days Lemosho Route Mount Kilimanjaro. A three-hour drive from Moshi brings us to the Londorossi Park Gate located on the western side of Kilimanjaro. At the gate after registration we pick up a game ranger who will accompany us, as we might encounter elephants and buffaloes during [...]

7 Days Machame Route Mount Kilimanjaro

Day 1 Arusha – Machame At 7:30 a.m., you will start your 7 Days Machame Route Mount Kilimanjaro with a transfer to the Machame Park Gate (5,950 ft./ 1,815 mt.). After registering with the park authority, we’ll begin our climb through the lush forest. Trekkers will likely hear the many exotic birds in the canopy above, and [...]

6 Days Machame Route Mount Kilimanjaro

Day 1. Machame Hut On this morning you start your 6 Days Machame Route Mount Kilimanjaro, we drive to Machame Village. The climb begins at the end of the tarmac road, walking for about 6 hrs gradually ascending through the forested hills onwards to Machame Hut (3000m). Dinner and overnight. Day 2. Shira Hut Early in [...]

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